First blog post

I have started this blog so I can start to share some of my adventures and innermost thoughts with you. I have always felt that there was a part of me trying to get out, to express myself. I needed to say something profound, a message if you like, something that would resonate. All writers draw inspiration from somewhere, people, events, past traumas you name it. I am no exception but there is one source of inspiration that doesn’t fit into the main stream, it is so very personal yet in a way it is all consuming, the very essence and importance of life. There is so much more to tell than the lines of a book. It is what is between the lines, the underlying meaning and that is the driving force that propels me.


2 thoughts on “First blog post

    1. Sasha feels guilty about the fact that she walked into the situation with Jason as well as abandoning Amanda. She also feels intense anger and she feels that the dark side is consuming her. She is frightened of hurting Jonathan, not just mentally but actually inflicting physical harm on him. So she does what she believes is right and acts as a lone wolf seeking out her pray.


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