Inspiration behind The Eye of Ra

angel-of-the-northThe Eye of Ra was my first book and inspired by my belief in spiritualism. It covers the issues such as mediumship, re-incarnation and healing. It also covers issues facing the world, such as overpopulation and war but it shows a way forward. Joshua turns out to be our saviour along with his eleven disciples. While you could argue there is a religious theme and it has been suggested that Joshua refers to the second coming of Christ but Joshua is also in some respects a very ordinary human, although he is completely non violent he swears and drinks and has sex. ‘If we rely on virgins to save the world we are totally f….d.’  The flippant remark Chloe said to Joshua when she discovered he had been raped by his stepmother has profound meaning. The future of our planet will not be decided by the people in cloth however good intentioned they may be. Our fate will always rest firmly in the hands of the people in power and the ones that placed them there. Purity in body shouldn’t be confused with purity of soul.  The love Joshua and Chloe share is as important to them  as saving the world, they are intrinsically linked. Love in its purist form leads to happiness and contentment. when people are content they have no desire or need to harm others.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration behind The Eye of Ra

  1. Chloe in The Eye of Ra suffered abuse. The theme emerges again in The Journey to Hell and Back. What made you raise the issue of sex abuse Brian?


    1. Thanks Gillian, that is an interesting question and when I called this blog facing your demons it was for good reason. The misuse of sex is a theme that certainly runs through my books and plays a central them in Sasha- The Demon Within. A frighteningly large number of people have suffered some kind of sexual abuse, myself included. While I don’t want to trivialise the issue I feel it necessary to deal with it and the effect it can have on the victims. In the case of Chloe, it makes her resentful of authority and the establishment, she makes a cry for help and Joshua is able to gain her trust and help her. In Journey to Hell Karl is driven quite literally over the edge and turns to crime. Sasha however blames herself for the situation but it fuels her anger and helps her fight her enemies. I have had to face this demon along with many others, I am aware of some of the psychological damage it can cause. In a strange kind of way my own experiences have helped me and writing about them is a way of confronting the issue.


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