The ghostly spectre caught on camera in one of the passageways leading to Ruthin Castle, North Wales, taken in 2013 while on a short  break with a Fuji Finepix S. No flash was used and the photo has not been edited in any way.

The paranormal features quite heavily in my writing. I have had my own experiences of the paranormal from childhood. I had a strong telepathic association with my mother and remember being out with my father having a drink when an overwhelming urge came over me to get to my mother. This was before the days of mobile phones so I couldn’t just call. My father thought it was irrational but played alone and took me home to find my mother in tears having just found out that her mother had just passed away.

I often had the feeling that someone  or some entity was trying to communicate with me. In a way it was comforting in a very troubled time. It made me feel somehow important and I became convinced that I had a job to do, an important task that would somehow have far reaching- even global consequences. Some I my first writing was inspired by these thoughts and the strange messages that I received from the ether.

I was later told that I was psychic, not that I ever doubted the fact. I sat in a circle of people training to be mediums and in mediation had some premonitions. One in particular was the Kobe earthquake which struck on 17th January 1995. The night preceding the event  we sat in meditation and I saw an image of a large modern city with skyscrapers on fire. It was very disturbing at the time but I described the scene in detail to the people at the sitting and notes were taken. The following morning when I put the television on I saw an image on the screen identical to the one I saw in meditation the previous night. I had further premonitions, a mining accident in Russia, an oil refinery fire in Colombo and a ferry disaster in Indonesia. These premonitions affected me quite badly and I stopped meditating for a while. I could see no purpose to them. I couldn’t warn people or help in any way and they were always dark and foretold some kind of disaster.

This was not the end of my psychic experiences. I learnt I could read people, sometimes their innermost thoughts, I could diagnose illness. My mother in law had a severe heart condition that was initially diagnosed as a hiatus hernia. She went on to develop a tumour in one of her kidneys. I saw that as well. Thankfully both ailments were treated successfully and she continues to live a happy and meaningful life.  The characters Sasha and Joshua in my books are both manifestations of my psychic abilities. Joshua believed he was on a mission to save the world. He could diagnose, heal and influence matter. He was also very telepathic and had communications from a higher realm. Sasha saw events before they happened- premonitions, it got her into trouble but also gave her an edge at the same time. She could see what was coming.

I have never really seen a ghost but often felt a presence, sometimes a gently peaceful presence, sometimes a spirit in great torment. My visit to Ruthin Castle brought me into contact with both. The ghost in the tunnel, if that what it is, I didn’t see with my eyes but I felt the presence. It was some weeks later when I checked the photos that I saw the ghostly image. Of course it could be a trick of the light, who knows but with my experiences I am willing to believe.


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