About Me

I was born in the town of Northampton, UK in 1963 but as a child moved with my family to a remote and run down property near the village of Moulton Chapel which is about  5 miles (8 kilometers) from Spalding, Lincolnshire. It was Lincolnshire that I made my home, where I grew up and started my own beautiful family.

Second only to my family is my love of nature, the wilder and less tamed the better. My family took me on regular holidays, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland and Switzerland, but also closer to home, Devon, Cornwall and the Channel Islands. I saw a rich and diverse scenery as well as different cultures. It was all very important. I found the greatest beauty in the form of natural beauty and most things man made ugly, especially when it was a threat to our natural environment.  This was the start of my inspiration, the seed had been planted and had germinated into a small sapling. This was to be nourished further by events in my childhood and particularly growing up in the Cold War.The biggest threat of all to our planet and its inhabitants. I carried the burdens of the world rather heavily on my shoulders but inevitable it found an outlet in the form of Joshua Greaves. Although the Cold War had ended when I wrote the Eye of Ra. The inspiration was still there and the planet wasn’t  in particularly safe hands.  The main protagonist in The Eye of Ra, like me, carried the world’s burdens but it was his destiny to do so but he was in a position to change things, to turn things around and start a new. Richard Slater in Journey to Hell and Back had to see for himself the suffering that he had caused to others and Sasha (The Demon Within)  had no choice but to face the very worst of circumstances and quite literally fight her way out of trouble.

That was to become a theme, in my writing, facing up to danger and not turning away and pretending it is not real. We all have our inner battles and must learn to face them, our demons maybe many and varied but we cannot hide from them. However if we manage to overcome those battles there is golden light at the end.  add another page.