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The Beehive Project

In a post apocalyptic world special environmentally controlled units have been constructed to house  people that have been carefully selected to rebuild and re populate the world.  Only the most suitable people were chosen. scientists, doctors and experts in every field.Even within this elite group breeding was strictly limited and their offspring also had to be perfect. There could be no imperfections, no infirmities. Any fetus that showed even the slightest abnormality was terminated. People’s health is strictly monitored and viruses and pathogenic bacteria have been eliminated.    There was no room for emotions or pity either. Emotions were considered the root cause of all the ills that had beset humanity.

Most people accepted the new way of life, the strict control of population and the lack of physical interaction between men and women.There was one exception, Aden, a man that questioned the authority and doesn’t play by the rules. When Aden becomes ill the  computer system develops a glitch and he is given the wrong medication.The tablets that suppress human emotion and desires are withheld. Aden  starts to have feelings for his friend Carla. He becomes reckless and has an accident and  falls into the hands of the Demmies. Marriana, a 35 year old widow nurses him back to health and gives him a few life lessons as well. While in the Demmie camp  Aden realises the system that controls the centre is about to crash  but the Demmies have the original blue prints. They want something in return as well. Aden has no loyalty to the centre but will he do it for Carla and what about Marriana?